Check Engine Light Came On? Oh No!

What happens when your "Check Engine" light comes on? There are a number of reasons for it to suddenly turn on. Unless there is something visibly wrong with your vehicle, most likely there is a very simple reason for it.

The first thing to do is pull over at your first safe opportunity. Go check your gas cap by unscrewing it, and then screwing it back on. Since your gas tank is a closed emissions system, this is frequently the problem. Now, drive for a few miles, and it may go off. If not, you can make an appointment at our service center and let a technician run a diagnostic on it. The technician has the tools available to perform necessary diagnostics. It is best to let a qualified, authorized technician perform this task, as he is trained to work on your car with top-quality.

It is important to address your check engine light. Even if the problem does end up being a simple one, you should take the right measures. Find out what's wrong, and have it serviced! Your car's maintenance depends on it and we can help here at Classic Kia Carrollton!

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