Your New Car is Stopped by Your New Brakes

You've purchased a brand new car, with a brand new power train to make it go and a brand new braking system to make it stop. Yes, your braking system is an entirely separate system from your engine, even with power-assisted brakes. There are components in this system that can wear over time, and cause damage if not properly maintained.

Your vehicle manufacturer recommended certain services to be done on your new vehicle, and it is your responsibility to maintain your new vehicle according to the schedule provided with your new car. Failure to do this maintenance can result in unwanted repairs with your vehicle. Certain repairs, inspections, adjustments, and fluids need to be done and maintained by a technician who is authorized to perform such inspections and maintenance. Here at Classic Kia Carrollton we have trained technicians who can help you with the overall maintenance of your particular vehicle. They will help you determine if you need new brakes or any other repairs that may be needed. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we are glad to help you today!

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